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Embark on a Flavorful Journey with Dashi & Natto: Kewpie Aeru Pasta Sauce with Dashi & Natto Flavor offers a unique gustatory experience, bringing the essence of traditional Japanese flavors to your pasta. This 100g pack is a fusion of rich umami taste, combining the savory depth of dashi with the distinct taste of natto. Ideal for adventurous palates and lovers of Japanese cuisine, this sauce is a bold, flavorful adventure in every bite.

Easy, Exotic Gourmet Pasta

Transform Your Meal into a Japanese Delicacy: Elevate your pasta dishes effortlessly with the exotic and rich umami flavors of Kewpie Aeru's Dashi & Natto Pasta Sauce. The complex, savory notes of this sauce make it perfect for a quick gourmet meal, offering a taste of Japan without leaving your kitchen. It's the perfect choice for busy evenings when you crave something different and delicious.

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Savor the Harmony of Japanese Ingredients: Kewpie Aeru Pasta Sauce is more than just a pasta topping; it's a blend of traditional Japanese ingredients thoughtfully combined to create a modern culinary delight. The rich umami of dashi and the unique flavor of natto come together in a harmonious blend, providing a truly distinct and enjoyable dining experience.

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