AGF Blendy Cafe Latory Stick Assortment 20 sticks Coffee Sticks Made in JAPAN - Tokyo Sakura Mall

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This popular instant stick series allows you to enjoy the taste of a café specialty stores at home or in the office.

AGF "Blendy Caffe Ratri" is a popular high-quality instant stick coffee made with care and passion by craftsmen from café specialty stores, offering the taste of a specialty store in a single bottle.

The individual packaging makes it easy to drink fresh coffee at any time.

AGF "Blendy Cafe Latte" stick assortment of 20 sticks includes four popular cafe drinks: "Thick Bitter Cafe Latte," "Thick Milk Cafe Latte," "Thick Caramel Macchiato," and "Thick Green Tea Latte".

You can enjoy a variety of coffees and matcha lattes to suit your mood.

This is a great gift for yourself or for someone who loves coffee.

■How to make
(1) Put 1 stick (1 cup) in a heatproof glass.
(2) Quickly pour in freshly boiled hot water.
 "Thick Bitter Cafe Latte" and "Thick Milk Cafe Latte" : 180ml
 "Thick Caramel Macchiato" and "Thick Green Tea Latte" : 160ml
(3) Immediately stir well for about 10 seconds and it is done.

Store away from high temperature and humidity.
If stored in a hot place such as on top of an oven, the heat may cause the powder inside to harden.

AGF Blendy Café Ratri 4 Flavor Details

[Thick Bitter Cafe Latte]
It is made with plenty of slow-roasted coffee. The sweetness is moderate, and the richness of the coffee is characteristic of the richness of the coffee.

[Thick Milk Cafe Latte]
Made with full-bodied coffee and lots of rich milk. The rich milk is characterized by its mildness.

[Thick Caramel Macchiato]
It is characterized by a mild taste of sweet and savory caramel blended with frothy, thick milk.

[Thick Green Tea Latte]
The rich flavor of matcha green tea and the mildness of rich milk are exquisite. It is characterized by its aromatic and creamy taste.

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