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Enjoy a cup of AGF Blendy Regular Drip Coffee and have a happy and relaxing time.

AGF Blendy Regular Drip Coffee comes in four varieties, all individually wrapped, so you can enjoy delicious drip coffee in your mug 365 days a year.
With its rich aroma and clear richness with no cloying taste, it can be enjoyed as is in black coffee or with milk added.

Since this is an assortment set, we recommend that you try it out to find your favorite flavor.

This drip coffee is produced at a factory in Japan from roasting to filling of coffee beans and developed to suit the Japanese taste.

Enjoy a cup of Brendi's regular drip coffee at work or at home for a restful cup of coffee.

Contents of AGF Blendy Regular Drip Coffee 4 Assortment and how to brew it

Blendy was launched in 1977. The product name "Blendy" was coined as a friendly reference to "coffee with a good blend.
AGF Blendy Regular Drip Coffee 4 assortment can be selected according to the mood of the moment.

◆Special Blend 15cups
The aroma and richness are well balanced, and the mellow aroma and taste are comforting.

◆Mocha Blend 5cups
The sweet aroma of the mocha bean is brought to life with a soft aftertaste.

◆Kilimanjaro Blend 5cups
It has a deep richness with a clear, crisp aftertaste that is characteristic of the Kilimanjaro bean.

◆Cafe au Lait Blend 5cups
The aroma is the best of the four. It has a rich, full-bodied flavor with a clear aftertaste. Please enjoy it with a glass of milk.

~Delicious Brewing Method~
Please prepare in advance a cup 6.5 to 9 cm in diameter and approximately 180 ml of hot water per cup.

1) Shake the bag lightly to gather the powder down.
 Cut along the "dotted line below the cut arrow".
2) Pinch the lower part of the hook and spread it to the left and right to set it firmly on the edge of the cup.
3) Bend the outer part of the hook to stand up the claw. (The spout will be stable.)
4) Pour a small amount of the prepared hot water, let the powder steep for about 20 seconds, and then slowly pour hot water in two or three divided pours to complete the process.

Steaming for 20 seconds allows the hot water to penetrate the coffee, making it easier to extract the tasty ingredients.

Product Details of AGF Blendy Regular Drip Coffee 4 Type Assortment Box of 30 Packs

Manufacturer Name Ajinomoto AGF Co.
Brand name Blendy

Content 7gx30
Product size (H x D x W) W257×D99×H119
Ingredients coffee bean
Way of grinding Fine grind
Place of origin of main raw materials

Green coffee bean country of origin:
 Tanzania, Colombia etc.

Green coffee bean country of origin:

■Nutrition Facts (value per 100g of extract)
*Extraction conditions: 7 g of water for 1 cup is extracted with 180 ml of well-boiled water.

Energy 0~8kcal
Protein 0g
Lipids 0g
Carbohydrate 0~1.0g
Salt Equivalent 0g
Caffeine 30~100mg
Potassium (K) 60~95mg
Phosphorus 2~7mg

Store away from high temperature and humidity.
Please consume immediately after opening.
Place the cup on a stable surface. Also, be careful not to burn yourself.

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