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Cheesy Delight in Every Bite

Discover the heavenly blend of savory cheese and impeccable crunch with Calbee Jagariko Cheese. Crafted with precision and passion, every bite is a tribute to cheese lovers who crave that extra crunch. It's more than a snack; it's an experience.

On-the-Go Gourmet Treat

Perfect for those bustling days or leisurely evenings, the Calbee Jagariko Cheese 55g pack is your pocket-sized partner. Its convenient packaging ensures that gourmet cheese flavors are always within your reach, wherever you are, whenever you desire.

Japanese Craftsmanship, Global Appeal

Born from Calbee's legendary Japanese snack-making artistry, the Jagariko Cheese offers a universal appeal. Its rich cheesy essence combined with an unmistakable crunchy texture makes it a favorite across borders. Dive into this global sensation today!

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