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Simply wash with the laundry to sterilize the wash tub and the laundry at the same time. Sterilizing clothes also reduces unpleasant odors from room-drying clothes.

Just wash it with your laundry! A laundry antibacterial deodorant product — Niowanmon
Iodine sanitizes with the power of iodine and suppresses unpleasant smells of freshly dried laundry.
The power of iodine sanitizes the wash tub and laundry at the same time.
The sterilization of clothes also reduces unpleasant odors from drying clothes indoors.

Even if you think you have washed your clothes cleanly, there are still germs in the laundry.
The smell of freshly dried clothes is caused by these remaining bacteria! If the laundry is left damp for a long period of time when it is room-dried, the number of bacteria increases even more.
Iodine inhibits the generation of bacteria and keeps the laundry clean.
Iodine is also found in kelp and seaweed, and is used in the medical field.

How to use
Place in the laundry tub with the laundry.
Can be used with detergent.
Remove this product immediately after washing.
Cautions for use
・After dehydrating the laundry, remove the product immediately.
Never tear the mesh bag.
If the mesh bag is torn, do not put the resin (grains) inside into your mouth or eyes.
・This product is intended to sterilize laundry and is not intended to clean the laundry tub.
・Do not use this product in combination with fabric softener or bleach, or with leftover bath water from bath salts.
or bath water with bath salts may not be effective enough.

Product size: approx. 85 x 60 x 10 mm (excluding hanging cord)
Contents: 1 piece
Approximate usage: about 3 months (when used once a day)

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iodine ion exchange resin, regulator

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