Traditional Mino Washi Framed Japanese Paper Panel Fukui Japan Takahashi

Style: 1 Panel Set


Framed traditional Japanese paper as interior decor.

The history of Mino washi, a traditional Japanese paper, dates back 1300 years, making it Japan's oldest. Mino machine-made washi has evolved over the years from handmade paper to become exceptional washi for crafts and industrial use.

Mino washi is prized for its thin and even texture, offering a soft and delicate feel. Its allure lies in not only its delicate touch but also its robust durability.

Renowned for its high quality, Mino washi has been used in a variety of items, from traditional ones like fusuma (sliding doors), shoji screens, byobu (folding screens), and hanging scrolls that involve attaching paper or fabric, to everyday items such as lighting fixtures, interior decorations, and accessories.

Today, Mino washi is employed in the restoration of national treasures like ancient documents and paintings, receiving acclaim not only in Japan but also internationally. Furthermore, Mino handcrafted washi has been chosen for the certificates of commendation at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, solidifying its position as a traditional craft that Japan proudly showcases to the world.

Moreover, the beauty of this washi lies in its coloration. Hand-dyed by specialized artisans, each of the seven colors of Yuzen washi requires a unique mold.

Dye specialists meticulously hand-dye each color, creating a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship that requires skill from papermaking to dyeing.

This highly popular washi has been framed into panels, using a wooden frame with a luxurious white wood finish as a base and chiffon yellow fabric on the back. Framing not only enhances the aesthetic but also protects the artwork from dust and UV rays.

By presenting this washi in a panel format, you can appreciate its beauty in three dimensions, providing a captivating visual experience of traditional Japanese paper.

Indulge in the elegance of Japanese culture with our Mino washi panel, and let it enrich your interior decor.


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1 Panel: Vertical 42 x Horizontal 104 cm, Thickness 3.5 cm

3 Panels: Vertical 40.5 x Horizontal 100 cm, Thickness 3.5 cm


Frame & Panel: Wooden
Japanese Paper (Washi): Paper

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