Framed Traditional Kimono Obi Interior Wall Art Japan Takahashi

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Incorporate popular Japanese obi sashes into your interior design.

Kimono, a traditional cultural treasure proudly inherited in Japan since ancient times, is not only admired for its beauty but also continues to be cherished by many as clothing suitable for Japan's seasonal climate. One essential element when wearing a kimono is the obi (sash). The obi, too, has evolved artistically throughout history. Enjoy the vibrant colors and designs of these ornate obi as part of your interior decor.

<History of Kimono>
When it comes to traditional Japanese clothing, the "kimono" stands out. Going back in history, until the Edo period, kimonos were worn exclusively by the aristocrats, warriors, and essentially the upper class. During the Edo period, the commoners' class flourished, giving rise to a diverse kimono culture. The sash used to tie and secure the kimono is called an obi.

While today there are obi ranging from glamorous to unique, in the past, they were narrow and merely served the purpose of tying. In the Muromachi period, Japan's style transitioned from "hakama attire" to the "kosode and obi" style, marking the first appearance of the obi. Over time, the variety of obi increased, and during the Edo period, various knotting styles became fashionable. Designs and knotting styles have changed with the times.


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Vertical 49 x Horizontal 112 cm, Thickness 4 cm, Versatile for both Vertical and Horizontal use.


Frame & Panel: Wooden
Background: Green Suede Fabric

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