FUJIYA COUNTRY MA'AM MDP Chocolate Enrobed Soft Cookies 122g x 5 Bags - Tokyo Sakura Mall

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Indulge in Heavenly Delights: FUJIYA COUNTRY MA'AM MDP Chocolate Enrobed Soft Cookies 5 bags

Decadent Chocolate Embrace

Experience a world of luxurious chocolate with FUJIYA COUNTRY MA'AM MDP Chocolate Enrobed Soft Cookies. Each cookie is generously coated in a rich, velvety chocolate that melts in your mouth, creating a symphony of flavor. Perfect for chocolate connoisseurs, these cookies offer an indulgent escape with every bite.

Soft Cookie Sensation

The heart of these cookies lies in their incredibly soft, moist texture. Baked to perfection, they strike the ideal balance between chewy and tender, making them a delightful treat for all ages. Ideal for a comforting snack, these cookies are like a warm hug for your taste buds.

Irresistible Flavor Fusion

These cookies don't just stop at chocolate. They ingeniously blend the rich taste of chocolate with a subtle hint of vanilla, creating a harmonious flavor fusion that's both unique and irresistible. This perfect pairing makes these cookies an ideal companion for your coffee break or a sweet end to any meal.

‎28 x 25 x 9 cm 127 g x 5 BAGS

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