ISHIDA SEIBOU Casual Straw Hat Terrapin Hat Made in Japan - SAKKA ZAKKA

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It's a casual straw terrapin hat with a slightly downward sloping brim that provides shade from the sun. Its wide brim can also give the impression of a smaller face, offering a flattering effect.

【Ishida Seibou】

We, at Ishida Seibou, are dedicated hat manufacturers with a consistent pursuit of hats featuring simple yet beautiful forms. Our craftsmanship, centered around straw hats, with their clean lines and unwavering quality, has garnered immense support both within and outside the industry. Our roots trace back to a distant time, founded in 1897 (Meiji 30). The birthplace of our company remains in Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture, where our headquarters still stands today. Situated by the Seto Inland Sea, this temperate region has been our home for the production of straw hats used in agricultural work for many years.

Currently, the business is carried on by the fourth generation of siblings, all four of them, in the tranquil surroundings enveloped by greenery. Each one of them is involved in design and stitching. Throughout history, hats have always been an integral part of fashion, regardless of the era or culture. However, at Ishida Seibou, we do not view hats as the protagonists of fashion. Rather, we see hats as supporting characters that enhance one's overall attire. The standard form of Ishida Seibou is a testament to such a perspective.

We believe that a hat truly fulfills its intended purpose when it provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience while worn. It should seamlessly become a part of your body, easy to put on and enhance the brilliance of the clothing you are wearing. It is this very approach that guides us in our hat-making endeavors.

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100% Straw

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