Fruit Candy Soap Bars Set (1. Citrus Orange, 2. Fruits Mix, 3. Star Fruits) Made in Japan

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Size: approx. W45 x H80 x D20 mm
Weight: approx. 80g x 3     
Material: Water, glycerin, PG, sucrose, sorbitol, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium chloride
Made in JAPAN and ALL Hand Made

A fresh scent of woodsy cedar and bergamot-like citrus. The fruits, which make you want to eat them, are all made from soap and then cut and added. Each one is handmade and carefully crafted, a true work of art that is too good to use!" "li'ili'i"® is a brand of bath items, mainly gift soaps, created to help people with disabilities grasp the great dream of social "independence".

From planning and production to gift wrapping, all items are handmade by people with disabilities. i'ili'i"® was born out of a passionate desire to deliver human- and earth-friendly soaps to as many people as possible by utilizing their unique imagination and advanced technical skills.

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