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Size: approx. W45 x H80 x D20 mm: approx. 
Weight: approx. 80g       
Material: Water, glycerin, PG, sucrose, sorbitol, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium chloride

The scent of kiwi is refreshingly clean and floral green.
The fruit, which makes you want to eat it, is all made with soap and then cut and added.

Each one is handmade and carefully crafted, a true work of art that is too good to use!

●Rarity: only a few hundred pieces are made per day.

Each part is individually made, polished, and then set. Because so many parts are used in a single soap, many processes and time are required, and the soap cannot be mass-produced like mechanical industrial products.

All of our carefully crafted soaps are designed differently, making them very rare and valuable soaps that customers can enjoy and choose from.

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