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Sake cup (approx. 7.1 cm high x 15 cm wide x 7 cm deep, capacity approx. 250 ml) x 1 / porcelain
Wangri (approx. 5 cm high x 6 cm in diameter, capacity approx. 50 ml) x 1 / Porcelain
Tsubomi (approx. 6 cm high x 5 cm in diameter, capacity: approx. 80 ml) x 1 / porcelain
Straight (approx. 7 cm high x 4.5 cm in diameter, capacity: approx. 50 ml) x 1 / Porcelain
Wrapper (approx. height 5.5cm x bore 7cm, capacity approx. 50ml) x 1 / Porcelain
Made in Japan
Box dimensions: approx. 24.7 x 16.6 x 8.7 cm *Microwavable.

The board on which the sake cups are placed has an easy-to-understand explanation of the different types of sake that go well with the shape of the cup and the way the sake spreads and tastes in the mouth. Even beginners can enjoy comparing sakes.

This item allows you to taste sake in different shaped sake cups. Recommended for bosses who are particular about their sake. 
Wangri: Mellow and delicious. Taste the umami in the middle of your tongue. 
Tsubomi: Fruity and delicious. You can taste the flavor a little at a time on the tip of your tongue while smelling it. 
Straight: refreshing and delicious. 
Rappa: robust and tasty.

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