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Vitality in a Bottle: Kagome Super Concentrated High Lycopene

Daily Dose of Wellness: Kagome brings you the essence of health with its Super Concentrated High Lycopene vegetable drink. Each 125ml bottle is packed with the goodness of a day's worth of vegetables, offering a convenient and potent boost of nutrients and the powerful antioxidant lycopene, known for its health benefits.

The Power of Lycopene: Lycopene, the superstar compound in this vibrant elixir, is a celebrated antioxidant that supports overall health. With Kagome's high-lycopene formula, you're not just enjoying a refreshing drink; you're nourishing your body with a component that's been associated with heart health and more.

Sip Your Way to Health: This super-concentrated beverage is more than just a part of your daily routine; it's a commitment to your health. Every bottle of Kagome's vegetable drink is a step towards maintaining vitality, making it a perfect companion for those who lead a busy lifestyle but don't want to compromise on their well-being.

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