Earrings kazuki edo FUTATSU HANABBI 4g For Women Made in Japan - SAKKA ZAKKA

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Color: Gold
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Futatsu Hanabi

As the name suggests, these are crafted with fireworks as the motif.
A voluminous design featuring two connected pieces, yet they weigh only 4 grams for both ears, making them extremely lightweight.

The colorful fireworks illuminate the Japanese summer.

【kazuki edo】
Wire Jewelry and Ornament Creation
Born in 1994
/ From Hiroshima City
Active since 2018

create "wire jewelry" using the techniques of traditional Japanese metal netting crafts. Currently, I have four assistants, and we sell approximately 4,000 pieces of ornaments annually. In the past, I worked for four years as one of the few female firefighters at the Hiroshima City Fire Department and drove fire trucks. For the wire jewelry, I use craft wire that is resistant to rust and degradation. Maintenance is minimal, just wiping off any noticeable dirt. There's no need to polish. Each shape is connected by a single wire without any joints, and they are all intricately crafted by hand, intertwined with fingertips. Targeting the "cuteness" cherished by girls and women, I add a touch of my own sensibility,


Approx. 5 cm


Wire, glass beads

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