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beginning of love

Created with the motif of baby's breath (Kasumisou). The baby's breath carries the meanings in flower language such as pure heart, gratitude, and innocent love. Wanting a name that retains the essence of love, we chose "Naresome", which signifies the beginning of love or the story of how love began..

【kazuki edo】
Wire Jewelry and Ornament Creation
Born in 1994
/ From Hiroshima City
Active since 2018

create "wire jewelry" using the techniques of traditional Japanese metal netting crafts. Currently, I have four assistants, and we sell approximately 4,000 pieces of ornaments annually. In the past, I worked for four years as one of the few female firefighters at the Hiroshima City Fire Department and drove fire trucks. For the wire jewelry, I use craft wire that is resistant to rust and degradation. Maintenance is minimal, just wiping off any noticeable dirt. There's no need to polish. Each shape is connected by a single wire without any joints, and they are all intricately crafted by hand, intertwined with fingertips. Targeting the "cuteness" cherished by girls and women, I add a touch of my own sensibility,


Approx. 3.5 cm


Wire, glass beads

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