Cowhide Special Softness Leather Sneakers for Women 160g JAPAN - KIGOKOCHI

Einsparung ¥460.00

Size: 22.5cm
Color Variant: Navy
Sonderpreis¥505.00 Normalpreis¥965.00


Sneakers made of rare Japanese cowhide leather.
The softness of the leather, which is tanned over a long period of time, is a special characteristic of this sneaker.
They are also surprisingly lightweight, weighing only about 160g. The cushioned sole makes it easy to wear for a long time without getting tired.

[Weight] approx. 160g (23.5cm, one foot)


[Foot circumference] Equivalent to 3E
[Heel height] Approx. 2.5cm


Upper Leather: Cowhide
Insole: Synthetic Leather
Outsole: Synthetic Sole

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