100% HQ Silk Tango Chirimen Cardigan Lightweight For Women JAPAN - KIGOKOCHI

Einsparung ¥593.00

Size: M
Color Variant: Rose-pink-like Shades
Sonderpreis¥817.00 Normalpreis¥1,410.00


Tango Chirimen is made of high-grade 100% silk.
It is surprisingly lightweight and the beautiful gradation of colors is impressive.
Just by quickly throwing it on, you will feel elegant.
This is a piece that allows you to experience the traditional techniques of Japan.

< What is Tango Chirimen >
Tango Chirimen is a fabric produced in the Tango region of Kyoto Prefecture, which is known as one of Japan's leading silk fabric production centers.
It is characterized by the smoothness and lightness unique to silk. The unevenness of the fabric produces rich and deep colors.


[Bust] M 116cm / L 120cm
[Shoulder width] M 54cm / L 55cm
[Sleeve Length] M 23cm / L 24cm
[Back Length] M 65cm / L 69cm


100% silk

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