100% Cotton Water-Twist Cooling Summer Turtleneck For Women JAPAN - KIGOKOCHI

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Size: M
Color Variant: Rose
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This is a simple and versatile summer turtleneck made from traditional Japanese craftsmanship using the "water-twist" technique on 100% cotton material. The fabric has a dry and comfortable feel against the skin, and it offers just the right amount of stretch, ensuring a stress-free wearing experience. The longer sleeve length helps protect your upper arms from the sun and has a slimming effect on your appearance.

About "Water-twist":
"Water-twist" is a technique used in the production of "Hama Chirimen," a traditional silk thread produced in the northern part of Shiga Prefecture, Japan, particularly in Nagahama. This technique has been applied to cotton fabric.
It is known for its smooth and comfortable texture against the skin. Additionally, the "water-twist" technique enhances the strength of the yarn, making the fabric resistant to deformation even after repeated washing. With each wash, the fabric develops a unique and soft texture


[Bust] M 90 cm / L 96 cm / LL 102 cm
[Shoulder Width] M 36 cm / L 37 cm / LL 38 cm
[Sleeve Length] M 30 cm / L 31 cm / LL 32 cm
[Back Length] M 60 cm / L 61 cm / LL 62 cm


100% cotton

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