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The goal of care is to "maintain flora" through the use of easy-to-feed, easy-to-carry tablet form.

Introducing a concentrated and high-grade supplement with new ingredients, a beloved and long-standing product cherished by veterinarians in veterinary hospitals. This tablet form is easy to administer and convenient to carry around.

You can conveniently take it with you anywhere, even on-the-go. Simply take one tablet with food or use it as a snack. It provides stress-free oral care for both pet owners and their furry companions, with a pleasant vanilla flavor that makes it easily consumable.

✔️ Within just 3 days, 84% of pet owners reported experiencing the benefits. The vanilla flavor adds a rewarding touch after brushing, while effectively caring for those hard-to-reach areas of the teeth.
✔️ Specifically designed for dogs and cats who struggle with traditional teeth brushing. The easily swallowable vanilla-flavored tablets can be given as a toothbrush substitute, mixed with food, or dissolved in water.
✔️ Proven effective and trusted by over 2000 veterinary hospitals, with endorsements and presentations at prestigious veterinary conferences.
✔️ Manufactured in Japan with a focus on human-grade quality. Rather than sterilization, the emphasis is on enhancing the population of beneficial bacteria in the mouth and oral cavity.

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H16cm x W10cm x D0.8cm


Inulin, erythritol, symbiotic fermentation product of lactic acid bacteria and yeast, oral beneficial bacteria (Streptococcus salivarius K12), oral beneficial bacteria (Streptococcus salivarius M18), crystalline cellulose, flavoring, calcium stearate

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