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Experience the Classic Taste of Japan

Seaweed & Egg: A Timeless Flavor Combination: MARUMIYA Noritama NP, in its 28g pack, brings the classic taste of Japanese cuisine to your dining table. This beloved seasoning, with its distinctive blend of seaweed and egg flavor, is a staple in Japanese cooking. The unique combination of umami from seaweed and the richness of egg creates a harmonious flavor that can elevate any dish. Ideal for those who love traditional Japanese flavors or are eager to explore the culinary richness of Japan.

Transform Your Meals with a Sprinkle

Versatility in a Bottle: The beauty of MARUMIYA Noritama NP lies in its versatility. This seaweed and egg flavored seasoning is perfect for sprinkling over rice, adding to soups, or enhancing your favorite dishes. It's an effortless way to infuse a touch of Japan into your meals, making even the simplest dish taste extraordinary.

Authentic Japanese Flavor, Effortlessly

A Quick Way to Add Gourmet Flavors: Whether you're a seasoned chef or just starting your culinary journey, MARUMIYA Noritama NP is a must-have in your kitchen. This seasoning captures the essence of authentic Japanese flavors and makes them accessible to everyone. It's an easy and effective way to introduce depth and complexity to your cooking, with just a sprinkle.

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