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Citrus Sensation: Meiji Fruit Juice Gummi Onshu Mikan Flavor

Juicy Mikan Delight: Bite into the zestful world of Meiji Fruit Juice Gummi with Onshu Mikan Flavor, where each 54g pack bursts with the juicy essence of Japanese mandarins. These gummy candies are a delectable tribute to the sweet, tangy flavors of the Onshu Mikan, delivering a refreshing citrus experience with every chew.

Succulent Sweet Treat: The Onshu Mikan, known for its vibrant taste and aromatic zest, is captured brilliantly in Meiji's soft and chewy gummies. These treats are infused with real fruit juice, ensuring that each gummy offers an authentic taste of this beloved Japanese citrus fruit.

A Gourmet Gummy Adventure: These aren't just candies; they're an adventure in flavor. The Meiji Fruit Juice Gummi Onshu Mikan Flavor candies are perfect for those who appreciate the natural and invigorating taste of fruit in a fun, gummy form. Enjoy them as a midday snack, a sweet finish to a meal, or simply as a way to brighten your day with the taste of sunshine.

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