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Pucker Up: MORINAGA SUPPAI CHU Lemon Flavor

Sour Sensation: Embrace the zing with MORINAGA SUPPAI CHU Suppai Lemon Flavor, where each 12g pack is a tart treat that packs a puckering punch. These Japanese sour candies are designed for those who love to challenge their taste buds with a sharp, citrusy kick that's as invigorating as it is tangy.

Lemon-Infused Delight: The sourness of SUPPAI CHU candies is perfectly balanced with the refreshing essence of lemon, creating a candy that's both bold and enjoyable. It's a lip-smacking experience that sour candy aficionados will appreciate, offering a consistent burst of flavor that's sure to make your mouth water.

The Joy of the Sour: MORINAGA's SUPPAI CHU Suppai Lemon Flavor candies are not just a treat; they're an experience. The intense lemon flavor is a playful invitation to explore the more adventurous side of sweets. Perfect for a quick snack or a fun challenge among friends, these sour candies are sure to leave a memorable impression.

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