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Global Phenomenon: The Ramen Revolution

Embark on a gastronomic journey with Nissin Cup Noodle Original, the instant ramen that transformed the way the world savors noodles. With its impeccable blend of flavors and convenience, it's no wonder this cup became a global sensation.

Flavorful Legacy in Every Cup

Nissin, a pioneer in the realm of instant noodles, brings to you the very essence of its expertise. The Cup Noodle Original is a harmonious marriage of rich broth, springy noodles, and delectable toppings – a testament to decades of culinary perfection.

Instant Satisfaction, Timeless Taste

Whether you're a student pulling an all-nighter, a traveler on the go, or simply craving a quick, delicious bite, Nissin Cup Noodle Original stands ready. A few minutes is all it takes to dive into a world of flavor that has captivated hearts across continents.

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