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Taste Thailand in Every Slurp

Step into a Thai street food haven with Nissin's Cup Noodle Tom Yam Kung. Infused with the iconic flavors of Tom Yam, this instant ramen delivers a spicy, sour, and savory escapade. From the tang of lemongrass to the punch of shrimp, every bite promises an authentic Thai experience.

Exotic Quick-Fix for the Globetrotter

Travel the world from your kitchen in just minutes! Nissin's Cup Noodle Tom Yam Kung is your passport to an instant Thai gastronomic journey. Perfect for those with a zest for international flavors but limited by time – this is your shortcut to the bustling food markets of Bangkok.

Harmony of Taste and Wellness

Nissin harmoniously blends the exuberance of Tom Yam with nutritional thoughtfulness. The freshest ingredients and authentic spices are chosen to craft this Cup Noodle variant. Relish a meal that offers both the heartiness of Thai cuisine and the health benefits of mindful eating.

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