SANO DESIGN Re-shibo Customizable Flower Vase Minimalism Style Interior Decoration Made in Japan

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An eco-friendly product that utilizes scrap waste. 
A vase that can be freely customized with chalk.

Re-shibo is a vase that adds color to your life by utilizing materials that would otherwise have become waste. The chalk, which can be used to draw directly on the aluminum, lets you impart whatever you want to the product, such as when giving it as a gift. The name represents a reimagining of the Japanese treatment technology ""shibori"" (metal spinning technology) and is an attempt at conveying a new eco-friendly design.


  • Material: body = aluminum (utilizes scrap material), base = wood (thinned wood)
  • Includes chalk from Nihon Rikagaku Industry Co., Ltd.

Our Story

Turn a piece of metal into a stylish and cute vase...
Tomokazu Onami and his family, who run a metalworking company, Aiwa Shibori Co., Ltd., in Kawasaki City, are breathing new life into the scrap materials that are left over when making products.
After trial and error to reduce the CO2 emitted when scrap materials are reused, the result is a one-of-a-kind vase that you can enhance with illustrations and text of your choice.

Re-shibo + creativity + the feeling of gift-giving.
The design is beautiful even as-is, but it can also be painted over and over again with the included ""kitpas"" (chalk used to paint on aluminum). Enhance a custom present with a commemorative message or decorate your interior with hand-drawn artwork by your child.

Craftsmanship + Recycling + Eco-friendly design
We carefully process each piece of scrap and waste material using our superior spinning techniques to breathe new life into them. The combination of the sharp aesthetic of recycled aluminum and Japanese cedar wood brings out the best of both materials, creating a soft impression.
The eco-friendly design and playful elements creatively enhance our lives and create the story of Re-shibo.


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