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Product Description of UCC Artisan Drip Coffee Mild Blend 

Enjoy the coffee of our skilled artisans at home.
Easy to brew and easy to use, the "Aroma" drip brewer allows you to make a regular cup of coffee that you will never get tired of every day.
UCC Craftsman's long-standing roasting and blending technologies give this coffee a deep flavor with the added aroma and richness of twice-roasted coffee.

This blend has a harmonious taste that is recommended for black drinkers.
It tastes great black, but it is also delicious with milk.
Individually packaged so you can enjoy it in the office, at home, or outdoors.

The large capacity type is recommended for daily coffee drinkers.

Gourmet Quality

Savor the genuine taste of premium Japanese coffee. Each pack promises a fresh and smooth flavor, giving you the perfect brew every time.

Convenient 100-Packs

Always have your favorite coffee. Stock up with our 100 packs and enjoy a consistent and delightful morning routine.

Quick & Easy Preparation

No fancy equipment is required. Pour hot water and indulge in a rich, aromatic coffee within minutes.

Perfect for Coffee Lovers

Whether you kick-start your day or take a coffee break, this mild blend perfectly balances strength and flavor.

Economical Choice

Why spend on pricey coffee shops when you can recreate the same gourmet experience at home? More cups, less expense.

How to brew a delicious cup of UCC Artisan Coffee One Drip Coffee Aroma Rich Blend

(1) Shake the bag with the Kiritori line facing up, and cut off the powder along the Kiritori line.
(2) Spread the bag over the edge of the cup.
Pinch the bottom of the hook, spread it out to the right and left, and hang it firmly over the edge of the cup.
(3) Steam and pour
Pour a small amount of boiling water, let steep for about 20 seconds, and then pour about 140 cc of boiling water in 2-3 divided servings.
※Add creamy sugar to taste if desired.


UCC Artisan Coffee One Drip Coffee Aroma Rich Blend 50 Packs Japan Product Information

◆Product Details

Name of product  Regular Coffee (Powder)
Ingredient name Coffee bean
Country of origin Brazil, Vietnam
Content 7g x 100 cups
Shelf life 12 months from the date of manufacture
Storage method Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

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