UCC GOLD SPECIAL PREMIUM One Drip Coffee Nut Beet (10g x 5P) x 12 boxes Japan - Tokyo Sakura Mall

Einsparung ¥388.00

Sonderpreis¥389.00 Normalpreis¥777.00


Discover the Richness of Nut Beet Coffee

A Unique Blend of Nuts and Coffee: UCC GOLD SPECIAL PREMIUM One Drip Coffee Nut Beet offers a unique coffee experience with each 10g serving in its 12 boxes. This exceptional blend harmonizes the rich, deep flavors of coffee with the subtle, earthy notes of nuts, creating a taste profile that is both intriguing and satisfying. Perfect for coffee enthusiasts looking to explore new dimensions in their daily brew.

The Art of One Drip Coffee

Exquisite Flavor in Every Single Drop: UCC's One Drip Coffee method is a testament to their commitment to quality and flavor. The Nut Beet variety is crafted to deliver a precise and consistent taste in every cup. This method ensures that the nuanced flavors of the coffee and nut blend are fully captured, providing a truly premium coffee experience at home.

A Gourmet Coffee Adventure

Elevate Your Coffee Ritual: The Nut Beet blend is not just a coffee; it's an adventure for your taste buds. Each box contains 5 packets, perfect for savoring the intricate flavors on quiet mornings or sharing with fellow coffee lovers. This coffee is an invitation to pause and appreciate the finer things in life, making every cup a moment of luxury.

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