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Intensive care for the eye area

Three features of TILLET I-UP

1. platinum plating
The conductors are platinum-plated. Highly pure platinum has a weak current flow, similar to the bio-current in the human body. This weak current of platinum promotes metabolism, activates skin cells and improves skin problems due to its bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and sterilising effects. The platinum plating also makes it safe to use for people with metal allergies.

2, EMS
A low-frequency (5 KHz) weak current (relax/tap/wrestle pattern) is automatically repeated and output from the conductor on the tip. The fine pulses of low frequency deliver the current deep into the skin with little resistance, causing the muscles to contract and stimulate the facial muscles. The efficient muscle movement helps to maintain the skin's firmness and elasticity from the foundation that supports the skin.

3. vibration
Vibration is generated by a vibration motor at 8,600 revolutions per minute. Physical vibration (tapping) promotes the penetration of lotion and other products, and a high moisturising effect can be expected.

It is said that the eyes determine 90% of your facial impression. Discover a new you with professional beauty equipment specially designed for eye area care!

TILLET I-UP is a beauty device designed for intensive care of the eye area.
The T-shaped head, whose size is suitable for the care of small areas, is platinum-plated and is expected to improve skin problems by activating metabolism and skin cells through platinum's weak electric current and by its bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and sterilising effects.

The three patterns of EMS (relax/tap/wrestle) output from the head encourage muscle contraction movements and firmly stimulate the facial muscles.
The 8,600 vibrations per minute help lotion and other products to penetrate the skin.

The size of the device makes it easy to carry around and place, so you can easily care for your skin before applying make-up on the go or at home, and make the area around your eyes look more glamorous.


About Us

We take pride in each and every product we make, with the wish that our customers can live confidently every day through beauty. For more than 30 years since our establishment, we have been dedicated to "monozukuri" (manufacturing), and we stand by our customers' beauty with our safe manufacturing method that focuses on "Made in Japan". All parts are made in Japan, making our products "Purely Made in Japan" in the true sense of the word. This made-in-Japan quality is highly regarded and used in 20,000 beauty salons, beauty clinics and esthetic salons. Our products are used as amenities in five-star hotel suites and high-end department stores both in Japan and abroad.

About Kawasaki City Store

KAWASAKI CITY STORE brings a curated collection of products from the City of Kawasaki in Japan to customers around the world. We promise to support our customers kindly, courteously, and promptly, based on the spirit of Omotenashi.

Kawasaki City is located just west of Tokyo, Japan. As part of the Tokyo metropolitan area, the city has significantly contributed to Japan's industrialization and modernization.

Furthermore, Kawasaki City is one of the locations depicted in "The 53 Stations of the Tokaido" (Hiroshige Utagawa, 1832-1833) and is situated along the historic Tokaido road, the highway connecting Edo to Kyoto. Therefore, we honor both modern and traditional Japanese cultures. Through this store, overseas customers can purchase a variety of products made by Japanese specialists, from glass artisans to sheet metal workers.

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