ADINA CURE OIL 30mL (Beauty oil of vegetable olive squalane)




A main ingredient is botanical squalane* which obtained very trace amount of derived from olives.

The beauty oil with jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil, retinol palmitate (vitamin A) and vitamin E to squalane.

No synthetic coloring, flavoring, preservatives, alcohol, surfactants, and mineral oil are added.

It replenishes the sebum film that has decreased due to dryness and aging, and protects the skin's moisture.

It is colorless, transparent, spreads well and has excellent permeability.

*Normally, squalane is refined from shark liver oil, but this product uses botanical squalane, which is derived from olive oil in very small amounts.

♦Squalane is part of the human body’s sebum (5-6%), so it has a very high affinity with the skin, and compared to other oils, it feels smooth and non-greasy.

♦The fragrance of the product is not a synthetic fragrance, but the fragrance of the raw material eucalyptus extract.

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