DIPOLE Water High-density flux-activated water system Japan

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Dipol breathes life into precious water and revives it with negative ion water. Comfortable support for your life.

Innovative water technology: improve your quality of life with the DIPOLE high-density flux activated water device.

Water is an essential element of our lives, but its quality is crucial: the DIPOLE High Density Flux Activated Water Device was developed using the latest technology. This device dramatically improves everyday water, benefiting both health and the environment.

Product features
High-density flux technology:
DIPOLE's innovative High Density Flux Technology aligns water molecules by means of a magnetic circuit, which reduces the size of water clusters and improves absorption. This technology significantly improves water quality.

Powerful water purification function:
High-performance filters thoroughly remove impurities and harmful substances from the water.

Environmentally friendly design:
The DIPOLE activated water device uses an energy-saving design, minimising environmental impact. They are also made from renewable materials, making them an eco-friendly option.

DIPOLE equipment can be used for long periods of time without hassle thanks to its maintenance-free design. This reduces the daily burden.

Japan Water Works Association certification:
DIPOLE's high-density flux-activated water devices are safe and reliable products that have passed a rigorous examination by the Japan Water Works Association. This certification guarantees the quality and reliability of the product.

Life extension of pipework:
The high-density flux technology inhibits scale formation in the pipework, thereby extending the life of the pipework.

Scale inhibition:
Prevents the crystallisation of minerals in the water and reduces scale build-up. This maintains the efficiency of domestic appliances and equipment.

Improved drainage:
DIPOLE activated water systems improve the quality of waste water and reduce environmental impact.

Algae control:
Patented technology reduces algal blooms and keeps the water clean.

Improved heat exchanger:
High-density flux technology improves heat exchanger efficiency and reduces energy consumption. This optimises equipment performance.

Reduction of pet-specific odours:
Activated water reduces pet-specific odours when used as drinking and cleaning water for pets. This keeps the air in the home cleaner.

Longer life of plants and cut flowers:
DIPOLE activated water can be used on plants and cut flowers to keep them fresh and make them last longer.

Car water stain removal and ion-coating effect:
The high-density flux technology makes it easier to remove water stains from cars and provides the cleaning effect of ion coating. Car cleaning is simplified and the car is always kept in beautiful condition.

Inhibition of mould growth in bathrooms:
Activated water inhibits the formation of mould in bathrooms and keeps the environment clean.

Inhibition of bathtub water stain formation:
Prevents the formation of bathtub stains and makes cleaning easier.

Reduced detergent use:
The activated water reduces the amount of detergent used and the risk of rough hands.

Moisturisation of the head and hair:
Washing hair with activated water moisturises the hair and makes it healthier.

Vegetable freshness preservation:
Activated water keeps vegetables fresh and prolongs their life. This reduces food losses at home.

Reduced rehydration time of dried plants:
Activated water reduces the time required to rehydrate dried plants, making cooking and storage more efficient.

Antimicrobial action:
Activated water has an antibacterial effect, which reduces the growth of bacteria. This helps to maintain a cleaner environment.

The DIPOLE advantage
International quality standards:
DIPOLE's high-density flux-activated water systems meet strict international quality standards, guaranteeing reliability and safety.

Competitive prices:
DIPOLE strives to provide high quality products at affordable prices, making them available to many households.

Excellent customer support:
We have a global support system and are committed to providing prompt and courteous service.

Benefits of the DIPOLE high-density flux-activated water system
Health promotion:
High-quality activated water makes a significant contribution to daily health maintenance and beauty. Improved water absorption optimises the body's hydration.

Economic benefits:
The ability to generate high-quality water at home reduces the purchase of plastic bottles, resulting in long-term cost savings.

Sustainable future:
By making environmentally friendly choices, you can take a step towards a sustainable future - DIPOLE equipment focuses on environmental protection and sustainability.


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