GRANOLA BAR dietary fiber from malt residue 12 Packs ( NUTS & BERRY ) - Made in NIPPON JAPAN

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This granola bar is made from the malt residue generated during our in-house beer production, with the cooperation of the Industrial Technology Center of Wakayama Prefecture. It is highly nutritious and packed with dietary fiber from malt residue.

The flavor of oats is complemented by the sweetness of maple syrup and a subtle tartness from dried cranberries, along with the satisfying crunch of almonds and walnuts.

It is perfect for activities like mountain climbing, cycling, camping, various sports, or for those who don’t have time for a leisurely meal due to sudden overtime work. It makes a good on-the-go snack or a complement to coffee, and it also pairs well with dark beers like VOYAGER BREWING COPPER.


VOYAGER BREWING's original fiber-rich granola bar made by upcycling malt lees discharged during beer brewing. Name: Confectionery

- Ingredients: Candy (made in Japan), malt lees, oats, maple syrup, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, (cranberries, sugar, vegetable oil and fat), almonds, walnuts, wheat flour, edible vegetable oil and fat, salt/flavoring, (some contain wheat, almonds, walnuts)
- Content: one set (12 pieces)

Our Story

Our craft brewery was licensed in August 2016. We have ingeniously transformed "malt lees," a byproduct from beer brewing, into a fiber-rich, nutritious granola bar.

Malt, a foundational ingredient of beer, undergoes a process known as saccharification, resulting in malt lees. While previously discarded as industrial waste due to its categorization as animal and vegetable remnants, it is now composted by local plum farmers, paving the way for a sustainable and eco-friendly cycle.

Malt lees, brimming with nutrition, pack more protein and fiber than typical grains and have minimal sugar content. They impart a delightful flavor and texture, which we've harnessed in our delectable granola bars. Ideal for activities like mountain climbing, cycling, and camping, or for those swamped with work, they make a great companion to a cup of coffee or a dark beer like VOYAGER BREWING COPPER. Customers often praise them for being more satisfying and flavorful than other energy or protein bars.


Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity

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