Healthy Miso Soup Experience Gift Set with Agar agar and Natural Broth Made in JAPAN / Ishii Miso

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This product combines naturally fermented Shinshu miso aged for three years, brewed in cedar barrels, with Nagano's famous "ito-kanten" (thread-like agar) and dashi (soup stock). Made using domestically sourced soybeans and spring water from the Northern Alps mountain range, it follows a traditional, additive-free manufacturing process.

In the miso brewery surrounded by wooden barrels, many inbound visitors come to observe the miso-making process. Following the tour, they are treated to a meal featuring dishes crafted with the miso. With this set, you can effortlessly recreate authentic and nutritious miso soup wherever you are.

The miso produced by Ishii Miso embodies a fusion of traditional Shinshu miso-making techniques passed down through generations and the latest technological advancements, resulting in high-quality miso. It is said that "there is no rest for the three-year miso," indicating the meticulous process it undergoes. Made in spring, it endures the heat of summer, the cold of winter, passes through another summer, and another winter (thus crossing the seasons twice) before reaching full maturity. This three-year miso, shipped from the third year onwards, boasts the finest taste and aroma.

During the manufacturing process, premium domestically sourced soybeans and carefully selected rice koji are used, ensuring that the flavors and umami extracted from these natural ingredients are perfectly reflected in the miso.

Each batch is meticulously crafted by hand, with fermentation and aging lasting up to three years, overseen by skilled artisans. Through the work of microorganisms during this period, a unique depth and richness emerge. The extended fermentation and aging enrich the original flavor of Ishii Miso and give rise to its distinctive, rich, and smooth texture.

Water, an essential component in miso making, is also given special attention. The pristine water from the Northern Alps of Matsumoto, Shinshu, is used, playing a vital role in the production of Ishii Miso, enhancing its flavor profile.

We have an uncompromising commitment to quality, avoiding the use of additives and synthetic flavorings to cherish the natural essence of our ingredients. As a result, Ishii Miso is characterized by its ultimate purity and the authentic flavors of its ingredients.

While inheriting the essence of tradition, we also respond to the expectations of the new era, proudly spreading Japan's miso culture worldwide. Our miso is made with carefully selected natural ingredients, without any additives or synthetic flavorings, preserving its natural deliciousness. It is perfect for those seeking an authentic taste experience.

Unlike the mass-produced miso typically found in supermarkets, which often contain artificial additives and are rushed to market using quick fermentation methods, our miso is fermented over a longer period without the use of fermentation accelerants. This results in miso that retains its essential nutrients, as opposed to being sterilized, which can lead to the destruction of beneficial yeast and lactic acid bacteria. Unfortunately, even miso sold overseas often falls into this category.

Our miso set includes different varieties of our signature three-year miso, along with the essential dashi broth and konnyaku noodles needed to make miso soup. This allows you to enjoy miso soup right at your table without delay. From the rich flavor of red miso to the gentle taste of white miso, you can easily enjoy both casual and authentic miso soup, effortlessly recreating the taste of Japanese home cooking.

The set comes with a recipe booklet that provides delicious serving suggestions. Enjoy the simplicity and tastiness of making miso soup. By experimenting with different combinations of ingredients for your miso soup, you can tailor it to suit the changing seasons and enjoy a variety of flavors at your table.

The Healthy Miso Soup Experience Set is also ideal as a gift for foreign friends and family who want to experience the traditional flavors of Japan. It's perfect for expressing gratitude to loved ones or celebrating special occasions. It's guaranteed to be well-received as a part of experiencing Japanese food culture.

Enjoy the richness of flavor that our delicious miso soup brings to your table!

Product Features

We've paired our aged miso, fermented naturally in cedar barrels, with Nagano Prefecture's renowned "Ito-kanten" (thread-like agar), known for its health benefits. This combination promotes gut health. With this set, you can easily prepare authentic miso soup.

Perfect for miso soup or any other soup. Also great for use in meat or fish dishes!

We provide meals to approximately 7,000 to 10,000 inbound foreign visitors annually. Miso soup is a delicacy that can be enjoyed by people from all over the world, transcending cultural boundaries. Ito-kanten, a specialty of Shinshu, is known to complement miso soup well and is said to promote gut health. With this set, you can easily prepare healthy miso soup, and by adding local ingredients such as meat, fish, and vegetables, you can create delicious original soups using the combination of this miso and dashi.

Ingredients and Additives / Origin
Miso : Soybeans (Japan), Rice (Japan), Salt(Japan / Australia)
Agar-agar : Seaweeds (Japan / Imported)
Broth : Starch degradation products (manufactured in Japan), bonito, kelp, sardines, shiitake mushrooms, odorless garlic(Japan)

Shelf Life: 360 days
Temperature Zone: Refrigerated
MaterialPaper, Plastic
Size: W325cm x L250cm x H75cm

About us

Ishii Miso Co., Ltd.
Name of Representative: Kosuke Ishii

CEO Message

Since our establishment in the fourth year of Keio (1868), we have been brewing precious cedar barrel-aged, naturally fermented, and additive-free three-year aged miso. Traditionally known as "no rest for the three-year miso," this type of miso has recently gained attention as a "immune-boosting" miso. Additionally, our company specializes in catalog gifts and gifts for department stores, delivering additive-free fresh miso directly from the brewery to your doorstep.

Manufacturing process 

Miso-making in cedar barrels with the traditional brewery yeast breathing on its own. The rich flavor unique to Ishii Miso has been passed down through generations in these cedar barrels.

Brewed in spring, enduring through the heat of summer and the cold of winter, passing through another summer and winter (crossing seasons twice), fully maturing, and shipped from the third year onwards, this miso is known as "three-year miso." Its taste and aroma are highly prized as top-quality products, embodying the essence of Shinshu miso.

Ishii Miso's miso is naturally fermented without the addition of preservatives, artificial flavorings, or any additives. It undergoes "natural fermentation," resulting in a safe and highly beneficial product that retains the live cultures of yeast and lactic acid bacteria, ensuring a delicious miso that is both safe and healthy.

Quality Control Information

Product inspection:
- Inspections and records are conducted for each process based on HACCP principles.
- Test inspections are carried out by the Prefectural Health Association and the Shinshu Miso Research Institute.

Management of manufacturing processes:
- A manufacturing manual is developed based on the principles of HACCP, and monitoring and recording of manufacturing processes are consistently conducted.

Employee management:
- We appoint a hygiene manager to ensure thorough hygiene education, conduct bacterial inspections, and implement daily health reporting among employees.

Facility and equipment management:
- Regular cleaning and inspections are conducted.
- External vendors are engaged to implement pest control, disinfection, and high-pressure cleaning of our factories, drainage facilities, and kitchens.

Export performance or potential:
- Among our products (miso, dashi, agar), miso has export records.
- In B to B transactions, we have exported to Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, the United States, Italy, and other countries.

Export record or possibility of export:
Among the products (miso, soup stock, thread agar), miso has a track record of export.
B to B includes Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, the United States, Italy, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Delicious miso

The miso arrived and I opened it. The aroma of miso makes my heart hot and happy! I made miso miso soup with red miso and shijimi clam. I was very impressed with the delicious miso soup that was different from the ones I've had before! I am glad to have found a very tasty miso!

This miso is delicious!

I had ordered it before and it was so good I found it again and reordered. It really is very tasty!

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