ALGA Sea Salt Powder Daily Pack core and stems of Mekabu seaweed Sanriku Japan

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Sanriku Arga Salt is a nutritious all-purpose spice made from powdered Sanriku wakame seaweed.

From the bounty of the sea in Sanriku, which produces 70% of Japan's wakame, the core and stems of Mekabu seaweed, a health food, are made into an easy-to-eat powder using a unique manufacturing process to produce a rare and precious powder that is 100% pure wakame only.

It features a "dashi" flavor that will appeal to those who love seaweed.
It is packed with flavor and goes well with any Japanese, Western, or Chinese dish, and is also nutritious.

Delicious yet nutritious because we process natural ingredients in a natural way.

It can be sprinkled on miso soup, tempura, bread, or dissolved in soy sauce and served with sashimi.
Some customers say it goes well with meat.
It is also delicious kneaded into bread dough.
Bread made with Sanriku Arga salt is already sold at a bakery in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Alginic acid is a nutrient that can only be obtained from seaweed, but when it enters the body, it binds with sodium (salt) and helps to remove it from the body without digestion.
This Sanriku alga salt contains more than 30% alginic acid.
It is not added later, but is contained in the thick former stem of raw wakame and the inner core of mekabu.
Compared to salt, it contains only about 1/10th of the sodium.

It is a rare material that is both salty and healthy, and can also boost the immune system.

You can blend it with sea salt or rock salt as you like, or mix it with chili, pepper, garlic powder, or ginger powder.

Also, you can mix it with a variety of things to find your unique flavor.

Ingredients Dried wakame stems
Contents 100g

Made in Japan

【Nutrition contained in 1 teaspoon 5g (5kcal) of Sanriku Arga Salt】

carbohydrate 2.1g
dietary fiber 2.0g
alginic acid 1.3g
protein 0.3g
potassium (K) 745㎎
calcium (Ca) 47.5㎎
magnesium (Mg) 28.6㎎
zinc (Zn) 0.6㎎




Dried wakame stems

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