Japanese Sake Sweet Cocktail make Kit 3 Flavors (Kabosu Citrus, Apple, Yuzu) 6bottles

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An ingredient to make an aromatic sake cocktail

This product contains dried fruits, sugar cubes, and cinnamon.
All you need to do is just pour in some commercial sake and refrigerate it, and when the sugar dissolves, an aromatic sake cocktail is ready. You can enjoy it straight or on the rocks, or warm in winter.
For sake, please use the Seisyu (Unclouded sake made from water and rice).


Height x Width x Depth 1 Bottle: 130mm x 60mm x 60mm


Granulated sugar, cinnamon, lemongrass (common)/ kabosu peel (kabosu)/ yuzu peel (yuzu)/ dried apple (apple)

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