Cyborg Cosplayer Gloves Left & Right Hand Set Cyborg Labo Japan

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Turn your hand into a cyborg in 5 seconds!

This is an item that can be easily transformed into a cyborg by simply wearing it like a pair of gloves.
This item was inspired by imagination in the near future when the conversion of human body parts into mechanical parts has become a normal part of everyday life.
It is lighter, softer, and more flexible than its appearance.

About the size
Please refer to the following example for the size guide. (* Assuming a man's height of 170cm and a woman's height of 160cm)
S: Children, petite women
M: Women with general palm size
L: Petite man
LL: Man with normal palm size

・ Please understand that this product is handmade one by one, so there may be slight differences even in the same model.
・ Please understand that we do not accept returns or exchanges, so please check your hand size in the picture before ordering.
・ Please understand that there is a colored spot on the inside of the wrist part, but it is a mark to prevent size mistakes and is not a stain.
・ Please do not use a washing machine when washing. Please wash by hand in a container with an appropriate amount of detergent.
・ Do not wipe with organic solvents such as thinner.
・ Do not dry the product on high heat, as it may melt the plastic welds.

*Design image*
・ Cyberpunk sci-fi character
・ Soldier in the near future
・ Clothes worn by cyborgs

*Search words*
techno / techno / cyborg / mech / mech design / robot / mechanical / military / gamer / survival / hardcore / cyberpunk / club / dance music / EDM / graphic design / typo / typography / text / drawing / one of a kind / craft / cyberpunk


Size S - H18:W10:D2.5
Size M - H20:W12:D2.5
Size L - H22:W13:D2.5
Size LL - H24:W14:D2.5
(*All in cm. There is no difference by color)


Glove body: cotton, polyester
Armored part: enameled synthetic leather, plastic

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