KIMONO Dress Japan Haori Silk Traditional Japanese Kimono Style Jacket Black

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This is a used silk haori.
The purpose of wearing it is to use it as a kimono jacket to protect the kimono and obi from friction and dust.
Nowadays, you can casually enjoy the kimono culture by wearing it over a T-shirt.
Each pattern is unique and one of a kind.

<Example of Use>
・Put on a haori to start the day, drink herbal tea, and have a peaceful day.
・During the busy time, put on a haori and do mindfulness, which Steve Jobs used to do, to reset the mind.
・It is also a great gift for friends who love Japanese culture.
・Create a "Japan corner” in a room and use it as an interior decoration like a tapestry.


①Length 77cm
②Sleeve Length 62cm

①Length: The length from the base of the neck to the hem.
②Sleeve length: The length from the center of the back to the end of the sleeve.



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