Hokkaido Condensed Milk Sweety 400g x 6 tube bottle Made in JAPAN Hakodate ARASHI SAKURAI favorite!

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Made exclusively from Hokkaido sugar, this nutritious, high-quality condensed milk is the result of many years of experience and technology in the manufacture of purified milk. The contents are visible and easy to use in small bottles.

It can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as pouring over shaved ice or strawberries, baking sweets, or mixing with coffee or tea.

Hokkaido Dairy's condensed milk, the top brand in the processed condensed milk market for confectionery and beverage manufacturers, now comes in a 400g home-use size!

Condensed milk is milk with sugar added, concentrated to about 1/3 and containing about 44% sugar.

It comes in a squeeze bottle that allows you to see the contents and is easy to use when squeezing.

Pour it over strawberries or shaved ice, or knead it into bread dough for sweet milk bread, etc.

We also recommend adding it to coffee to make Cambodia and Vietnamese coffee!

Made in Hokkaido Hakodate / JAPAN
Manufacture : Hokunyu .Inc
‎23.5 x 21.3 x 12 cm
400g x 6 bottle :Total 2.4 kg

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