Horiuchi Mirror Frameless Folding Make-up Mirror Freely adjusted selectable size

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Frameless Folding Make-up Mirror is a slim, portable, and foldable makeup mirror that makeup professionals love to use.

The HORIUCHI MIRROR is a mirror patented in Japan that reflects the true image of the skin by combining highly transparent glass, which removes more of the iron that causes dullness, and reflective metal, which has high color reproducibility. This mirror is popular among professionals in the beauty industry, as it clearly reflects the color of your skin, allowing you to find the right foundation color for you and greatly improving the finish of your makeup.

<Frameless Folding Make-up Mirror Feature 1: Slim and compact>

The mirror is thinner than conventional folding mirrors, so it takes up less space and can be stored compactly. 

<Frameless Folding Make-up Mirror Feature 2: Frameless>

Frameless design maximizes the mirror's viewing area. The sides of the mirror have been polished.

<Frameless Folding Make-up Mirror Feature 3: Free Angle>

The angle of the mirror can be freely adjusted.

<Frameless Folding Make-up Mirror Feature 4: Selectable sizes to suit your needs>

You can choose from a card-sized S to a large LL size that reflects from head to chest.

S size is similar to the size of a card case and is small and compact. It is perfect for checking your makeup on the go.

Dimension 8×10.8×0.7cm
Mirror size 7.2×9.9cm
Weight approx. 70g
Material PVC and glass mirror

Made in Japan

M Size is similar to the size of a B6 notebook. It is not too bulky to put in your bag and is convenient for fixing your makeup on the go.

Dimension 12.5 x 17.3 x 0.85cm
Mirror size 11.9 x 16.4cm
Weight approx. 200g
Material PVC and glass mirror

Made in Japan

L size is similar to the size of a weekly magazine. It can reflect your entire face, making it the perfect size for makeup at home.

Dimension 17.6 x 23 x 0.85cm
Mirror size 16.9 x 21cm
Weight approx. 370g
Material PVC and glass mirror

Made in Japan

LL size is as large as a beauty magazine. It can be used for styling makeup, hair, and clothes as a whole.

Dimension Dimension
Mirror size 24.9 x 29.9cm
Weight approx. 760g
Material PVC and glass mirror

Made in Japan


PVC Resin, Glass Mirror

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