Zabuton meditation Japanese Cushion Totoro Design Rush Grass 55cm 2sets Japan

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[Ethical (regional)] This is a rush cushion with a cute Totoro design. The side fabric is made of domestic rushes (from Kyushu). Each strand of domestic rush grass is thicker than the next, and the surface skin is thicker and the fibers finer, making it more resilient and durable.

Other benefits of rushes include: 1. 2.5 times more moisture absorption than cotton 2. reduction of sweat odor. 2. Reduces the smell of perspiration, suppressing more than 90% of the chemical substances that cause sweat odor. These are just a few of the advantages of this product. Urethane 30mm is used as the filling material. It has moderate cushioning and is suitable for use on wooden floors.

The surface of the rush grass is treated with natural Aomori cypress (antibacterial and deodorant effect). Aomori cypress oil is extracted from the cypress tree in Aomori Prefecture and processed into materials and products using the manufacturer's unique technology. It contains hinokitiol, a natural substance with extremely high antibacterial properties, and is being studied for use in various fields such as medicine and food.

This is a natural material and is processed by hand one by one by artisans, so the shape may vary slightly from the indicated size. Please understand.

Approx. 55 x 55cm 2P 

Place of manufacture: Made in Japan (purely domestic)
Material/ingredients: Lining: rushes (from Kyushu), filling: urethane foam 30mm, lacing: 100% cotton


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