Insect Collection Insects Assembly Unisex Adult Windbreaker Khaki Japan

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<This is for adults.>
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The "Insect Collection" pattern, which features nine different insect illustrations by New Zealand resident Hanako Kruelow, has been joined by new characters Kamikirimushi, Semi, and Tamamushi-chan, resulting in the "Insect Collection Windbreaker" with 12 different insects!

The Insect Collection's insect characters are all gathered together in this lively design.
This popular pattern features an array of cute and gentle insects drawn by Hanako Kruelow.
This attention-grabbing outerwear is perfect for outdoor activities or outings with children!
And if you take it into the business scene, it's sure to be the talk of the town!
The mesh lining can be used all year round.

<Insects included in the design>
Fireflies, praying mantis, cicadas, bees, ladybugs, beetles, stag beetles, praying mantis, butterflies, dragonflies, ants

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