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This is a universal design wooden case designed with the idea to protect iPhones and help prevent them from falling! This design makes it not easily drop and easy to grip.

The characteristic of solid wood is that as time goes by, it becomes a deep candy color and the grain of the wood becomes more blended and beautiful. It is just like an antique. You can enjoy the aging process as the years go by, which is a luxury that only natural solid wood can offer. This model is carved from its natural state.

It is easy to grip and in a simple shape.
It protects your iPhone's body even if dropped.

We also receive feedback from customers who dropped their iPhones said,
“My iPhone is safe even dropped on the floor! Thank you for saving my iPhone!”

Please use your favorite case for your iPhone because you will use it every day.

<Feature 1>
The unique texture and comfort of wood are appealing.

The charm of wood is its gentle texture that makes you feel at ease and comfortable.
You may become addicted to its moderate firmness and warmth.

This case is made from solid wood through rough sharpening, main sharpening, and then finished with a 0.1mm unit of finish sharpening.
It is created through a meticulous process similar to the production of violins and guitars.

<Feature 2>
Easy-to-grip shape, comfortable in the hand, and not easy to drop

The shape of the product is designed to be useful for the elderly and people with disabilities.

This iPhone case was created in Sanriku Iwate by industry-academia collaboration of the fields of expertise: Mie University for the numerical values, Musashino Art University for the modeling design, and Banzai Factory (Iwate Sanriku Ofunato) for the manufacturing.

The design is easy for anyone to hold, and by working with the university to derive that value, a "universal design" has been created that enhances the prevention of falling.

【iPhone Case Solid Wood Universal Design Wooden natural specification】

Materials Itaya Japanese maple(Produced in the north Tohoku part of Japan), lacquer
Color natural wood ※two-piece structure

Made in Japan


It will take around 30 days for us to ship it. Thank you for your understanding.


Itaya Japanese maple, lacquer

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