Japanese Dagashi Snack Sweets Candy Ramen Chocolate Assortment Gift Box Japan

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With this JAPANESE DAGASHI Snack Assortment Gift Box, you can enjoy up to 27 types of premium selection snacks! We know you miss Japan and Japanese Snacks!(Worth more 60USD!)

You can now enjoy them at any time, such as enjoying them as teatime snacks, enjoying them during a picnic, etc.

Each Snack Assortment Gift Box consists of the snacks below:

  • BOURBON One Bite Lumonde  47g x1
  • BOURBON Alfort Mini Chocolate Biscuit (12 pcs) x1
  • BOURBON Alfort Mini White Chocolate Biscuit (12 pcs) x1
  • BOURBON BIT Chocolate Crunch x1
  • BOURBON Chocolate Anpan 44g x1
  • CALBEE Potate Snack Jagariko Jaga Butter 58g x1
  • CALBEE Potato Chips Giza Giza Salted Flavour 60g x1
  • CALBEE Shrimp Flavored Chips Kappa Ebisen x1
  • UHA Sakeru Split Gummy Candy - Grape (7 pcs) x1
  • RYUKAKUSAN Throat Refreshing Candy- Shikwasa Lime Flavour 88g x1
  • FUSEN GUM Grape Flavour x1
  • UMAIBO Takoyaki Flavour x1
  • UMAIBO Mentai Flavour x1
  • UMAIBO Salami Flavour x1
  • UMAIBO Tonkatsu Sauce Flavour x1
  • UMAIBO Teriyaki Burger Flavour x1
  • UMAIBO Vegetable Salad Flavour x1
  • UMAIBO Salted Beef Tongue Flavour x1
  • UMAIBO Yakitori Flavour x1
  • UMAIBO Shrimp Mayonnaise Flavour x1
  • UMAIBO Salted Seaweed Flavour x1
  • UMAIBO Sugar Rusk Flavour x1
  • BABY STAR Mini Ramen (Chicken Flavour)x1
  • TOHATO Caramel Corn x1
  • MARUKAWA Doraemon Marble Gum x1
  • KAMEDA Salad Usuyaki Salad Rice Crackers 28g x1
  • KAMEDA Happy Turn Senbei Rice Crackers 32g x1

We hope you enjoy them!

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