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Multi-bath towel (approx. 110 cm (length) x 40 cm (width)) x 1 / 100% cotton
Face towel (approx. 75 cm (length) x 34 cm (width)) x 2 / 100% cotton
Wash towels (approx. 34 cm (length) X 30 cm (width)) X 2 / 100% cotton
Made in Japan
Box dimensions: approx. 27.4 x 29.5 x 8.2 cm *Imabari Mark certification number: No. 2017-1917

The towels created by threads and yarns are a gift that warmly embraces one person to another, bringing about new relationships. This towel has a design of Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan, with a pledge to become the best married couple in Japan.


27.4cm × 29.5cm × 8.2cm



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