Kamoi Paper Washi MT Masking Tape Adhesive Tape 20 color set 7mm x 7m Japan

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Wrapping, stationery, photo decorations... the uses are endless!"mt" masking tape 7mm x 7m 20 color set

This set includes 20 colors of popular colors of Kamoi Kakoshi's mt brand masking tape 7mm x 7m, famous for its masking tapes.
All 20 pieces are plain, and there are also 20 colors available for a variety of uses.
Masking tape is very convenient because it can be easily torn off by hand without using scissors and can be easily applied and removed.

It comes in a cute special box, so it might make a good gift.

Usage Example~

  • For wrapping and decorating gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc.
  • For decorating and arranging stationery, notebooks, etc.
  • For storage and organization in the kitchen and living room
  • For decorating and arranging photo albums
  • Instead of various labels
  • For handmade picks
  • For plastic modeling, DIY, etc.

    And the uses are endless!

Kamoi Pepar Washi MT Masking Tape Adhesive Tape 20 color set 7mm x 7m Product Information

Materials Washi, paper
Product quantity 20 pcs.
Masking tape size, weight (per piece) 7mm x 7m, 7g
Color (type) 20 colors (10 pastel and 10 noble basic colors)
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