KAO Bub 4 scents enjoy box 56 tablets carbonated bath salts assortment Japan

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Kao's Bub is a leading brand of bath bomb in Japan.

Bub bath bomb enhance the warming effect of a hot bath with "carbonation power" and "warm veil" to warm and relax the body to the core.

Even a short bath time is effective for fatigue, stiff shoulders, back pain, sensitivity to cold and more.

It can also be used when bathing with babies.



Relieves fatigue, stiff shoulders, back pain, sensitivity to cold, neuralgia, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, heat rash, frostbite, roughness, chapped skin, chapped skin, rash, acne, bruises, sprains, pre-natal and post-natal sensitivity to cold.




13.6 x 16.1 x 20.8

Weight(kg) 2.54

4types [Yuzu, Forest, Lavender, Bergamot-ginger]



[Yuzu/ Forest : 16tabs each, Lavender/ Bergamot-ginger: 12tabs each ]

Color Clear [with color (Yuzu: yellow, Forest: green, Lavender: purple, Bergamot-ginger: yellow )]

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