KAO Bub 6 scents enjoy box 48 tablets carbonated bath salts assortment Japan

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Sodium bicarbonate*, sodium carbonate*, magnesium sulfate*, sodium sulfate (anhydrous)*, fumaric acid, PEG6000, dextrose, glycine, magnesium oxide, sucrose fatty acid esters, isopropyl myristate, fragrance, (+/-)blue 1, yellow 4, red 102, red 106, red 227

Directions for use
Dissolve one tablet in bath water (150~200 L) before bathing. If you put the bubbling tablet close to your face, you may cough in rare cases. Even after the bubbles disappear, the carbon dioxide gas is still dissolved in the hot water, so the effect will last for a long time. Bathing within 2 hours after dissolving is most effective. Please use immediately after opening the bag. Use immediately after opening the pouch.

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