Kiso cedar wooden serving plate dish S1 six-inch dish EXP coating process Japan

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This is a wooden plate with a touch of elegance, made with the beauty of ancient Japanese forms.

The wood grain of the Kiso cedar is used to create a refreshing look.

☆Specifications for business use: Our original special coating is applied.
 It is easy to clean while retaining the feel of the wood material.
(EXP paint processing specification)

For serving dishes. An appetizer plate for drinks.

It can be used for Japanese sweets and tea sets.

It can also be used for non-food items in stores and showcases.

This is our original product.

<Features of EX Polymer
It has excellent durability and maintains the texture of the wood surface as if it were unpainted.
It prevents deterioration of the product (discoloration, warping, peeling of the coating film, water penetration). (Compared to our conventional products)
It is a highly safe coating with little odor.

2021 autumn and winter

Six inches: about 18x18xH2cm
Eight inches: about 23.7x23.7xH3.2cm (inner inch about 22.7x22.7xH2.5cm)

Place of production: Japan
■Materials and ingredients:Kiso cedar (EX Polymarine coating/No coating)
■Product Information:No

*Eating utensil cleaning machine and e-reingi are compatible.
*Natural materials and handmade products, colors and sizes are not included.
The color of the product may be different in some cases due to the state of the customer's parcel and the lack of clarity.

The number of items in stock is subject to change from time to time.

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