Kracie Poppin' Cookin' DIY Japanese Candy Kit Doughnut 5 box

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Kracie's Poppin' Cookin' Donuts make it easy for children to make and decorate doughnuts.

Poppin' Cookin' Donuts is a homemade snack that makes it easy for children to make donuts.

All you need to prepare is water!
You can make two custard-flavoured and two cocoa-flavoured doughnuts each (four in total).
You can make mixed doughnuts by mixing them together.

You can use vanilla sauce, strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce, crunch and colourful toppings to create your own cute decorations for the donuts you make.
You can make all kinds of doughnuts, depending on your ideas.

All trays for mixing cream are included, so there is no need for any preparation other than water.

◇No synthetic colours or preservatives are used.
◇Contains calcium.

Kracie Foods' educational confectionery provides the following three values.

  • Developing individuality
  • Enjoy failure
  • Respecting differences
And through the fun and delicious taste of baking, children's self-confidence is nurtured.

You can make poppin' cookin' donuts with your family and friends and have a lot of fun!

Kracie Poppin' Cookin' Donuts Product description

Manufacturer Name Kracie Foods Co.
Brand name Popin Cookin
Content 1 box (38 g x 5 pcs)

Sugar, glucose, vegetable fats, cookie crunch, dextrin, cocoa powder, corn syrup, milk protein./Processed starch, colourings (caramel, vegetable colours, gardenia, flavonoids, carotenoids), calcium carbonate, sodium caseinate, flavourings, emulsifiers, acidifiers, baking soda, polysaccharides thickener, brightening agent, (contains some wheat, milk ingredients and soy).

■Nutritional information (per 38g serving)
Energy 168kcal
Protein 0.5g
Lipids 4.2g
Carbohydrate 32g
Salt Equivalent 0.1g
Calcium (Ca) 109mg

Allergenic substances (mandatory and recommended items)
Wheat, milk, soya.
※This product is manufactured in equipment that uses eggs.

※There are black grains in the powder, which are part of the raw material.

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