Kumano Brush make up Eye Cheek 100% goat wool Traditional Hiroshima Japan Made

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A 100% goat wool Kumano brush hand-finished by a craftsman. It contains a lot of powder and can be applied to the skin softly.

The make-up finish is also natural, and it is the most suitable material for putting powder on a wide surface such as cheeks and face.

About Kumano brush
Kumano brushes are made in a wet state during the manufacturing process, so they are well organized and easy to draw delicate touches.
Easy to use. It is also very smooth to the touch.
The hair is sprinkled with rice ash and heated to drain the oil, so there is less pain, and the surface of the hair is finely scratched.
Improves water and powder content.
Brushes made with excellent technology accumulated over many years have good water content and elasticity.
It is highly evaluated by the world as a high-class brush.

History of Kumano brush
It is said that brush making began in the late Edo period in Kumano Town, Hiroshima Prefecture.
At the beginning of the 19th century, the Hiroshima domain recommended crafts, and the technique of making brushes developed.
It has taken root in a new industry.

In the Meiji era, with the introduction of school precision, the demand for Kumano brushes increased.
In the 10th year of the Meiji era, he won a prize at the 1st National Industrial Exhibition.
Its excellent technology is still inherited, and all of the brushes, paintbrushes, and makeup brushes are from all over Japan.
It accounts for more than 80% of the production.

Size / capacity
Overall length: about 14.8 cm
Hair tips: Approximately 3.8 cm
Metal fittings: Approximately 4.8 cm
Wood axis: Approximately 6.2 cm
Weight: Approximately 15.0g

Production area: Japan
Materials / Ingredients: Brush part: Goat hair
Handle: wood
Metal fittings: Aluminum
Product tag: None

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