Kyocera Vegetable Slicer Ceramic OK White CSN-182SWH Japan

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Ceramic slicers (Kyocera) are excellent for easy julienne.

This julienne slicer can quickly and cleanly produce julienne slices of approximately 2.5mm in width.
The comb blade makes it easy to cut uniformly into strips.

■Ceramic Slicer 5 Recommendations

1) Good sharpness and long life
Fine ceramic blades are made of a hard material that reduces blade wear, resulting in long-lasting sharpness.
It is possible to make delicious julienne without damaging the vegetable fibers.

Will not rust and transfer metallic odors
The blade is made of fine ceramics, so it will not rust and is easy to clean.
Ceramic blades do not emit gold air (metal ions), so there is no need to worry about transferring metal odors to food.
Ceramic blades are also recommended for salads and other raw foods.

3) The handle is easy to grip and fits the hand
The left and right concavities on the back of the slicer can be hooked onto the edge of a bowl or other object to make the slicer more stable.

4) It is clean because it can be bleached and sterilized.
It can be sanitized using kitchen sanitizing bleach, allowing for clean cleaning and storage.

5) Safe and secure for use because it comes with a protector.
It comes with a protector to protect your fingers from the blade when the food is small.
Protrusions on the back side hold the food and allow you to continue julienne without slipping.

Kyocera Ceramic Slicer - Julienne slices Product Information

Manufacturer Kyocera
Trade (brand) name Ceramic slicer julienne slices
Size 277×92×24 mm
Weight (Body) 102g (Protector) 24g
Material properties (Body) ABS resin
(Blade) Fine ceramics
(Comb blade) Polyacetal
(Protector) Polypropylene
Heat Resistance Temperature (Body) 70°C (Protector) 110°C
Accessory Protector
Producing country Japan

・Dishwasher and dryer are not available.
・Cabbage cannot be chopped. (It will be chopped.)
・When moving the food back to the front, move it slowly. Failure to do so may cause injury if your hand touches the cutting edge.
・If the food is too small, there is a risk of cutting your hand. We recommend using a protector or a knife.
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